Love Rajasthan’s Ghewar? Check Out These 6 Varieties!


Ghewar is one of the most popular sweet dishes in Rajasthan. It is a disc-shaped sweet. 

Varities of this sweet

There are some amazing varieties of this disc-shaped sweet which you must try!

1. Malai Ghewar

Plain ghewar is topped with malai or clotted cream adding a velvety texture to the dish. 

2. Chocolate Ghewar

While making Ghewar, cocoa powder is mixed in the batter. This fusion is loved by all the chocolate lovers. 

3. Mango Ghewar

Ripe mango pure is added to the plain ghewar and relished during monsoons. 

4. Mawa Ghewar

Plain ghewar is topped with khoya or mawa and then cardamom powder is sprinkled over it to enhance the rich taste. 

5. Rabri Ghewar

Rabri, a condensed milk sweet is added on the top of Ghewar which makes it more rich and delicious. 

6. Multi-layered Ghewar

Ghewars are stacked together making it multi-tiered or layered one which adds to the fun of relishing it. 

Which of these varieties you would love to try?