Maanvi Gagroo Recreates DDLJ Scene With Hubby Kumar Varun In The UK

Maanvi Is Vacaying In UK 

Four More Shots Please actress Maanvi Gagroo is vacationing in the UK with her hubby, comedian Kumar Varun. 

She Recreated The DDLJ Scene

Maanvi and Kumar recreated the DDLJ scene. The actress ran across a mustard field in the UK. 

Sweet, Cute Reel

The reel posted by Maanvi, shows her running towards her husband waiting for her. They hug amid the yellow fields. 

The Duo Gorged On Delish Food

During their trip in the UK, the couple gorged on burgers and fries. 

Fish & Chips For The Win! 

Kumar Varun shared a Fish & Chips story on Instagram, a staple during their UK vacay. 

Next, Donnington Brewery

They also headed to Donnington Brewery drank chilled beer. 

Spotting A Peacock!

Maanvi and Kumar spotted a peacock at the brewery. 

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