Malaika Arora Swears By This Healthy Morning Drink And Here’s Why You Should Too

We all know how Malaika Arora never takes her fitness lightly, and that surely reflects on her.

One of the secrets to her fit body and glowing skin is a morning ritual that she follows. 

The actress shared a healthy morning drink on her Instagram story with her fans. 

This healthy drink is  made by soaking jeera, ajwain and methi in water overnight & consuming it early morning. 

All the three ingredients- jeera, ajwain and methi are known to be  helpful in digestion. 

Ajwain, or carom, seeds are known to eliminate fat deposits from the body, which is why this drink aids weight loss.

This drink helps relieve chest congestion and creates heat in the body that boosts immunity.

All the three ingredients in this drink especially methi and ajwain are known to stabilise blood sugar. 

Consuming this drink in the morning on empty stomach helps you to hydrate your body by flushing out all the toxins.