Mark Zuckerberg Gives 10/10 To McDonald's Japan; Here's What He Recommends

Mark Zuckerberg Loves McD Japan

Meta honcho, Mark Zuckerberg was recently wowed by McDonald's Japan. He gave 10/10 to it and even demanded a Michelin Star. 

Priscilla Chan Also Approves 

His wife, Priscilla Chan also approved McD Japan and its delicious burgers inspired by Japanese flavours. 

What Does Mark Recommend? 

Mark recommended Ebi Burger, Double Burger with Egg, McNuggets, Teriyaki Chicken and Churros. 

He Learnt About Katanas

During his trip to Japan, Mark Zuckerberg learnt about katanas from Master Akihira Kokaji. 

Trying The Ancient Craft 

The billionaire tried his hand at crafting a Japanese sword. 

A Beautiful Katana!

Mark Zuckerberg shared a beautiful looking katana. The ancient Japanese sword gleamed. 

He Tried Using The Samurai Sword

Zuckerberg tried using the Samurai sword and flaunted his skills on Insta. 

Do you want to visit Japan for McDonald's and a sword-making sesh?