Masque Debuts On World's Best Restaurants List In 2024; Top 10 List Here!

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Masque Ranked 78

Masque's debut on the World's Best Restaurants List in 2024 solidifies its status as India's foremost culinary innovator. It celebrates the nation's bounty through a 10-course tasting experience in a chic Mumbai textile mill, led by self-taught innovator Aditi Dugar and now helmed by Varun Totlani, continuing its legacy of culinary excellence.

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Here is the list of restaurants ranked 51- 60:

Credits: FYN Cape Town/Instagram

51. Le Calandre, Rubano

Le Calandre in Rubano, a beacon of Italian hospitality since 1981, delivers complex and harmonious flavours.

Credits: Le Calandre/Instagram

52. Atelier Moessmer Norbert Niederkofler, Brunico

Atelier Moessmer Norbert Niederkofler in Brunico, driven by Chef Norbert Niederkofler's 'Cook the Mountain' philosophy, offers a single-tasting menu packed with local mountain produce in a historic villa setting.

Credits: Atelier Moessmer Norbert Niederkofler/Instagram

53. Leo, Bogotá

Leo in Bogotá, founded by chef Leonor Espinosa, combines art, anthropology, and gastronomy in a modern setting, featuring two dining experiences led by Espinosa and her daughter Laura Hernández Espinosa.

Credits: LEO/Instagram

54. Kadeau, Copenhagen

Kadeau in Copenhagen, an offshoot of the Bornholm original, showcases New Nordic cuisine with a focus on island terroir, served in a stylish dining room adorned with pickling jars and Scandi wood.

Credits: Kadeau/Instagram

55. Mérito, Lima

Mérito in Lima, by chef Juan Luis Martínez, blends Venezuelan and Peruvian influences in a tiny, trendy space in Barranco, offering a rotating menu and creative cocktails.

Credits: Mérito/Instagram

56. Narisawa, Tokyo

Narisawa in Tokyo, led by Yoshihiro Narisawa, celebrates Japanese culinary traditions with a focus on sustainable farming, recently renovated to mark its 20th anniversary.

Credits: NARISAWA/Instagram

57. Potong, Bangkok

Potong in Bangkok, helmed by Chef Pichaya 'Pam' Soontornyanakij, presents a 20-course tasting menu of innovative Thai-Chinese cuisine in a multi-level space, including a cocktail haven and unique dining rooms.

Credits: Restaurant Potong/Instagram

58. Lasai, Rio de Janeiro

Lasai in Rio de Janeiro, under Chef Rafa Costa e Silva, offers an award-winning tasting menu sourced from their own farms, while providing exceptional service and a curated wine list.

Credits: LASAI Restaurante/Instagram

59. Enigma, Barcelona

Enigma in Barcelona, from the Adrià brothers, intrigues diners with a tasting menu of over 24 courses, featuring imaginative creations like crunchy fried egg with caviar and frozen mussel onion soup.

Credits: Enigma Albert Adrià/Instagram

60. Fyn, Cape Town

Fyn in Cape Town, pronounced 'fayn', weaves African narratives with a Japanese twist in a historic silk factory, offering a tasting menu highlighted by signature dishes like hazelnut-crusted springbok.

Credits: FYN Cape Town/Instagram

Credits: Mérito/Instagram

These restaurants collectively represent the diverse and vibrant tapestry of global gastronomy.