MasterChef Australia's Depinder Chibber Makes Easter Special Rocky Road With Turkish Flavours; Recipe Inside

What Is Rocky Road? 

This is a no-bake fudge made with chocolate, marshmallows, nuts and dry fruits. 

Credits: Canva

Depinder Has A Recipe!

Depinder Chhibber has an Easter special dessert recipe for Rocky Road inspired by Turkish flavours. 


Ingredients -White Chocolate -Coconut Oil -Rose petals -2 tbsp of pistachios -1/2 cup of chopped up Turkish delight -handful of chocolate Easter eggs -1 tsp of Rosewater -2 tbsp of almond flake -1 tsp of  freeze dried raspberry powder -silver leaf (optional)

Step 1 

First, melt white chocolate in a microwave safe bowl for 30 seconds. 

Next, add 1 tsp of coconut oil and stir well to remove lumps and give the white chocolate a glossy finish. 

Step 2

Then, add the chopped up Turkish delights, chocolate Easter eggs, rosewater, raspberry powder, almond flakes and pistachios.  

Step 3

Garnish the fudgy Easter dessert with pistachios, rose petals and a silver leaf. 

Step 4

When will you prepare this Easter special dessert?