Mohit Malik, Addite Malik & Son Ekbir Travel On Vande Bharat To Delhi

Mohit & Fam Travel On Vande Bharat

Actors Mohit and Addite with their son Ekbir travelled on Vande Bharat from Dharamshala to Delhi. 

Received A Grand Welcome 

The couple received a grand welcome from the crew on the high speed train. 

Ekbir Excited For Scenic Views 

Little Ekbir was excited to witness scenic views as he sat on his dad's lap. 

The Excitement Is Palpable

Just like their son even Mohit and Addite were excited to ride the train and relive nostalgic experiences. 

Drank Tomato Soup 

The family drank tomato soup just like the old days. 

Had Cashews, Juice & Other Snacks

They munched on cashews, crisps and had juice for nashta. 

Mohit Caught Much-Needed Sleep

Mohit put his shawl over his head and caught much-needed sleep. 

Do you want to travel on Vande Bharat like the Malik family?