6 Most Expensive Whiskies In India

Image Credits: Unsplash

Image Credits: Unsplash

Tasting expensive whiskies can be a delightful and unique experience. India’s long-standing tryst with ambers has paved the way for several quality whiskies.

Image Credits: Unsplash

Here are some of the most expensive whiskies in India:

Image Credits: Website/Amrut Distilleries

1. Amrut Greedy Angels 12 Years Old This 12-yr single malt whisky offers notes of tropical fruit, candy, nuts, vanilla, and caramel.  Cost: ₹74,000

Image Credits: Website/The Macallan

2. The Macallan Double Cask 18 Years Old With an exceptional sipping experience, this single malt is well balanced and pours a rich amber-honey. Cost: ₹74,000 (approx.)

Image Credits: Website/Paul John Whisky

3. Paul John Mithuna This homegrown blend has an aroma of liquorice, beeswax, and honey on crisp toast. Cost: ₹27,000 (approx.)

Image Credits: Website/The Balvenie

4. The Balvenie 50-Year-Old It's a highly sought-after single malt Scotch whisky, aged for 50 years.  Cost: ₹35,00,000(approx.)

Image Credits: Website/Dewar's

5. Dewar’s The Signature 25 Year Old The blended Scotch is popular for its double-aged blend with an amber taste-like sip Cost: ₹28,000(approx.)

Image Credits: Website/Glenmorangie

6. Glenmorangie Grand Vintage 1996 This grand whisky has been aged over 23 years and has a rich and spicy texture. Cost: ₹1,06,000(approx.)

Image Credits: Website/Glenmorangie

Have you tasted any of these fine and expensive whiskies?