Museum Of The Future Turns 2! 7 Facts To Know About This Dubai Marvel

MOTF Turns 2!

It's time to celebrate as Museum of the Future completes 2 years today and it has already welcomed 2 Million visitors. Here are some cool facts to check about this UAE Marvel. 

Arabic calligraphy by Khalid Al-Ahmadi adorns the museum's futuristic façade.

Calligraphy Clad Exterior

The Dubai marvel consists total of seven floors that offer a unique glimpse into tomorrow

Seven Floors of Speculation

The Museum of the Future boasts a torus-shaped design inspired by feng shui principles.

Feng Shui Inspired Design

A solid stainless steel backbone comprising 2,400 diagonally intersecting beams replaces traditional columns.

Column-Free Construction

Winner of the LEAF Award for Sustainable Architecture and the Architizer A+ Award.

Award-Winning Wonder

Inspired by the eye of the human brain, symbolizing knowledge and the future

Eye-Catching Design

With solar panels and wind turbines, the museum is a beacon of sustainable innovation.

Solar-Powered Spectacle

As a global hub for innovation, Dubai showcases its commitment to the future at the Museum of the Future.