Nakuul Mehta & Wifey Jankee Parekh's Relationship Has A Relatable Coffee Twist

Nakuul & Jankee's Cute Reels

Actor Nakuul Mehta and wifey Jankee Parekh often share the cutest reels on Insta. 

Coffee Plays An Integral Part 

Nakuul shares a hilarious reel about how coffee plays an integral part of their marriage. 

Jankee Tries Both Coffees 

His wife Jankee usually tries both coffess.

Then Gives Him The 2nd Best One

Keeping the tastier coffee for herself, she gives her hubby the 2nd best one. 

They Recently Had Vishu Meal

Nakuul and Jankee were treated to a homemade Sadhya meal by their buddies for Vishu.

They Cleaned Up Good 

The couple polished their banana leaves and relished their meal.

A Happy Family Indeed! 

Nakuul, Jankee and their son Sufi are just adorable! 

What do you think of this super cute family?