Navratri: Why Is Sattvik Food Said To Be The Best? Check Out Its Benefits

Navratri is right around the corner and many people observe fast during these nine days. People tends to follow a sattvik diet during this period. 

Fasting period

Sattvik food does not include onion, garlic, non-veg, root veggies, some grains, legumes and others.  Tap to know benefits of Sattvik aahar. 

Sattvik Aahaar

Sattvik foods are  easy to digest, light, free from additives anf fats. Hence they help in detoxification of the body. 

1. Detoxification

Sattvik foods bring in a lot of mental clarity.  It shoos away all the mental disturbances. 

2. Mental health

Sattvik foods tends to improve digestion keeping all the discomfort at bay. 

3. Digestion

As Sattvik foods are light in nature, they help in boosting energy and vitality. 

4. Energy

Sattvik foods keep you calm and bring in emotional stability and reduces stress. 

5. Calming effect

Sattvik foods offer your body all the needed nutrition as it includes a variety of fruits, nuts and veggies. 

6. Nutrition

Do you know the traditional dishes prepared in Navratri?