Neena Gupta Gives Boring Ol’ Lauki  A Chole-Wala “Makeover”

Neena Gupta’s Insta Cooking

If you follow Neena Gupta on  Instagram, then you’d know that the actress often posts recipes with  some interesting twists. 

Neena Gives Lauki A Makeover

In her latest post, she shared a fun “makeover” of lauki sabzi by adding some chole to it, and in all honesty, it does appear quite delicious! 

Ghiya Chane Ki Sabzi

So, we thought we’d help you recreate this interesting lauki-chole recipe and have listed everything from the ingredients to the process here. 


1. Bottle Gourd (Lauki) 2. Overnight Soaked Chole 3. Tomatoes 4. Salt 5. Onion 6. Ginger 7. Garlic 8. Dry Masalas (for tadka)

Credits: Canva 


1. Start by chopping the bottle gourd into small pieces. 2. After that, add soaked chole in a pressure cooker and half-cook it. 3. Once done, add the chopped bottle gourd to the chole in the pressure cooker with grated tomatoes, salt, and turmeric, and cook the mix for two whistles.

Follow These Steps 

4. While the sabzi cooks, prepare a tadka of onion, ginger, garlic, and all the dry masalas of your choice on the side. 5. Once done and your sabzi is well cooked, mix them together. 

Final Steps

6. Cook the mix together for a few minutes on medium heat. 7. Once the sabzi begins to thicken, turn off the heat and your “ghiya chane” ki sabzi is ready!

 Delicious Lauki Makeover!

So will you give this delicious makeover to your lauki?