Nia Sharma Chills With Her Gang At Los Cavos In Bandra

Nia Sharma Has A Food Recco

Actress Nia Sharma shared a food recco with her fans on Insta. 

Chilled With Her Gang At Los Cavos

Nia Sharma went partying with her gang at Los Cavos in Bandra, Mumbai. 

Spectacular Cocktails

Dressed in a pretty white dress, she sipped refreshing cocktails. 

Drinks With The Gang 

After spending a week in solitude, Nia found comfort over cocktails, appetizers and her gang. 

Grooving, Chilling & More 

Nia grooved to foot-tapping music, chatted with her friends and chilled at the Latin American bar. 

Cute Pics For The 'Gram

She posed cutely for mandatory Instagram pics of her dining experience. 

She Loves Her LED Glasses

Nia's latest fascination from her party is her cute glasses adorned with LED lights.