Not Sick Food, These 5 Tantalising Khichdis Are Mouth-Watering

1. Dal Khichdi This heavenly khichdi is made using dal, rice, and spices. The tadka on top works like magic and makes the khichdi more tasty.

2. Sabudana Khichdi Sabudana khichdi is made using sabudana and spices. This dish is prepared during fasts, but you can have it anytime!

3. Bisi Bele Bhaat This nutritious and rich khichdi from Karnataka is made using lentils, rice, vegetables, ghee and dry fruits. 

4. Masala Khichdi The specialty of this khichdi is that here the spices take centre stage. A glass of buttermilk with this delicacy is the best combo!

5. Pongal Rice Pongal rice has two varieties, one sweet and one spicy. The spicy one has tamarind and pepper, while the sweet one has milk and jaggery in it.