Paan The Ultimate Mouth-Freshner & Why Indians Love It So Much!

We Indians are totally obsessed with paans. Our meals feel incomplete without having them in the last. 

More than half of India's population has a favourite paan wala stall for sure. 

But have you ever thought about the mythological connect that paan has with India?

According to Ramayana, Lord Rama ate betel leaves to keep hunger at bay from the garland that Goddess Sita had sent through Hanuman as a token of love. 

For us Indians, paan is not only a mouth freshner but the betel leaves are considered to be very auspicious as well because of its importance in Ramayana. 

These heart shaped leaves also have many health benefits like: 1. It aids digestion.

2. Chewing paan helps in relieving headches instantly

3. Betel leaves juice helps curing infected ears or air-borne diseases. 

4. Chewing only betel leaves can help maintain oral hygiene.