Pooja Gor & Jasmine Bhasin Dine At Mumbai's La Mar Bar & Kitchen With Friends

Pooja, Jasmine Dine With Friends

Actresses Pooja Gor and Jasmine Bhasin dined at La Mar Bar & Kitchen in Mumbai with their friends. 

Jasmine Excited To Dine Out 

Excited to chill with her friends, Jasmien looked forward to the high energy meal at Mumbai's first super restaurant. 

Eclectic Cocktails, Great Vibes..

The friends bonded over the eclectic cocktails and looked forward to their Mediterranean and European meals. 

Digging Into Burrata Cheese 

At La Mar Bar & Kitchen, they dug into delicious Burrata Cheese. 

Lots Of Desserts For Sweet Tooth

The focus was on the dessert platter. And they gorged on plenty dessert which looked 'Grammable! 

Melt-In-The-Mouth Tiramisu 

Rahull Sharma posted a picture of the decadent melt-in-the-mouth tiramisu. 

Group Selfie Toh Banta Hai! 

Pooja, Jasmine, Rahull and their pals posed for a group selfie. 

Is La Mar on your Mumbai wishlist?