Priyanka Chopra Relishes Raclette For The 1st Time, Tries Cheese Fondue

All  Image Courtesy: Instagram/Priyanka Chopra

New Food Items

It's always fun to try new foods, especially when they're as delicious as raclette and cheese fondue!

PC Tries Swiss Cheese

Priyanka Chopra must have had quite the culinary adventure diving into these cheesy delights and Raclette for the first time!

Famous Swiss Dishes

Both dishes are popular in Swiss cuisine and are known for their rich, indulgent flavours.


We couldn't stop drooling over our screens when the actress posted a photo of cheese fondue.

Raclette For The 1st Time

Additionally, Priyanka Chopra sampled the well-known Swiss cheese raclette and captured the experience on camera. She is heard stating, "Raclette for the first time," on the video.

Relishes It...

Priyanka describes the taste of the dish as "insane."

A Classic Swiss Holiday

Priyanka Chopra treated her admirers to an array of surreal images and videos on Instagram as she shared shots from her trip to Switzerland.

Enchanting Alps

In addition, Priyanka Chopra's post included images of the peaceful splendor of the Alps as well as enchanting nighttime snowfall.

Exploring Swiss cuisine with raclette and cheese fondue sounded like a delightful culinary adventure for Priyanka Chopra!