Priyanka Chopra Takes Baby Malti On Her 1st Nature Hike; Mother-Daughter Pics Are Adorable

All Image/Video Courtesy: Instagram/Priyanka Chopra

Mother-Daughter Time

Priyanka embarked on a heartwarming journey – her daughter Malti’s first nature hike.

Nature Time

The adorable duo went to California's Topanga State Park.

Great Outdoors

Chopra writes in caption that Malti had a beautiful time jumping in puddles till she was muddy uptill her knees. 

Magical First Hike!

She also captioned that watching her daughter experience everything for the first time was magical. 

Walks To Her Hike

She also shares a video as her daughter takes tiny steps on her trail meandering through lush greenery

Of Waterfalls & Mud

Malti was also captured soaking in nature's embrace

Amidst Nature

With the warmth of the sun on their faces, the mother-daughter duo reveled in the simplicity of the moment

Malti In Picturesque Setting

Her first hike enfolded like a scene from a storybook and it was adorable to watch!

We cannot wait to watch more instances of this cute mother-daughter duo.