Recipe: Make This Quick & Simple Persian Pickled Garlic, Torshi Sir

Pickled Garlic

Make this quick and easy recipe for pickled garlic, persian style! 

Garlic, Salt and vinegar


Choose fresh garlic cloves in spring or soak dry garlic if not in season.

1. Garlic Selection

Peel the outer layers until cloves are visible, avoiding separation.

2. Peeling Process

Place peeled garlic in a jar, add two teaspoons of salt, and pour vinegar until submerged.

3. Jar Arrangement

Stock up vinegar as needed to cover the garlic surface during absorption.

4.  Vinegar Replenishment

Observe color changes in the garlic over time; it will darken, indicating the development of a sweet taste. 

5. . Color Transformation

Torshi Sir is ready after 6 months, but prolonged maturation enhances flavor.

6. Maturation Period

Elevate your dishes with this aromatic blend.