Recreate This Delicious Mango Shake Recipe By Chef  Sanjeev Kapoor!

Ultimate Summer Drink 

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor has shared  the ultimate summer drink this  mango season.

Mango Shake By Sanjeev Kapoor

The chef took to Instagram to share a delicious recipe for a mango shake.

Recreate It At Home

And to help you recreate the drink at home, we have written down the recipe and all the ingredients you might need for it here. 

Credits: Canva 


Fresh mango pulp Sugar Milk powder Milk Vanilla ice cream

Credits: Canva 

Here’s What You Need To Do

1. Collect all the aforementioned ingredients. 2. Peel and blend fresh mangoes in a mixer to make a puree-like texture.

Credits: Canva 

Follow These Steps

3. Then add sugar, milk powder, milk, and two scoops of vanilla ice cream to the mixer jar. 4. Blend all the ingredients together until you get a thick consistency. 

Garnish & Serve

5. Transfer the mango shake into a glass. 6. Garnish it with diced mango pieces and a mint leaf. 

Enjoy The Mango Shake

Voila, your mango shake is ready to be served and enjoyed! So, are you trying this fun mango shake recipe by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor at home?