Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth With These 10 Middle Eastern Desserts

1. Knafeh is like cheesecake made of shredded phyllo, cheese, cream and sugar syrup.

2. Basbousa is semolina cake and Libya's speciality.

3. Sahlab is a pudding made of milk and decorated with pistachio and crushed cinnamon. 

4. Baklava is a layered dish again made from phyllo sheets, crushed pistachios and sugar syrup. 

5. Kataifi is sweet similar to baklava but has walnut filling. 

6.  Luqaimat is a famous Emirati sweet dish that is made combining butter, milk, sugar, flour, yeast, cardamom and saffron.

7. Asawer El Sit is a ring type dessert with chocolate centres. 

8. Mahalabiya is a sweet pudding that is made of milk, sugar, cornstarch, cream & rose water. 

9. Maamoul  are biscuits that comes with jam filled centers.

10. Turkish delights are the gummy texture dessert famous in the Middle East.