Shanaya Kapoor Gives Emily In Paris Vibes As She Explores The City

Shanaya Kapoor is vacaying in Paris and she visited the prestigious auditorium at Palais Garnier. 

The beautiful architecture and intrinsic designs surely intrigued Shanaya. 

She made sure to click a picture at this marvellous landmark. 

She did not get enough of the place is what we can make out of the number of pictures she posted. 

Are you even in Paris if you do not indulge into some soft and yummy  breads. 

Shanaya celebrated New Year eve in Paris at Coco which is a French restaurant. 

She also clicked a picture with the famous Roue de Paris. 

She visited the famous Louvre Museum and posted a cute picture. 

She made sure that she clicked a picture of the famous Mona Lisa painting in Louvre