Sheikh Hamdan Posts An Adorable Video Of HH Sheikh Mohammed With Grandson, Netizens Say "Mashallah"

Dubai's Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan shares a touching video on Instagram, capturing a special moment between his three-year-old son and his father, the Vice President of the UAE.

1. Heartwarming Family Moment

Generations Hand-in-Hand

Emirati royal Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum walks hand-in-hand with his grandson, exuding familial warmth and affection.

 Sheikh Hamdan's Instagram caption reads, "It's enough to be holding on to it. May God protect you all," resonating with fans and followers with its heartfelt sentiment

Instagram Caption Love

From Dubai's property king Rizwan Sajan to many more have commented Mashallah and blessings to the Ruler and the family. 

Netizens React

For the one's who are unaware, Sheikh Hamdan has three kids. 

Three Hearts Of Dubai's Crown Prince

He was blessed with twins in Shaikha and Rashid in 2021. The royal family then welcomed the arrival of baby Mohammed in 2023. 

Twins & A Toddler

This adorable picture has our heart!

Three Generation In One Pic

Fazza had an healthy breakfast of eggs on toast today and he never forgets to update his daily life updates on Insta.

Sheikh Hamdan Enjoys Brekkie

Which was your favourite picture of Sheikh Hamdan and their kids.