Spotted: Superstar Rajinikanth Visit BAPS Hindu Temple In Abu Dhabi

Rajinikanth's Mysterious Visit to Dubai

Rajinikanth flew to Dubai last week without making any announcement about the reason for his visit. 

Videos of Rajinikanth taking a jolly ride in a luxurious car emerged, delighting fans.

Joyful Car Ride

Temple Visit in Abu Dhabi

During his stay in Abu Dhabi, Rajinikanth visited a Hindu temple and offered prayers.

Official Tour of the Temple

The temple officials gave Rajinikanth an official tour, showcasing the temple's beauty.

A video of Rajinikanth's temple visit is now going viral on social media.

Viral Video

In the video, Rajinikanth can be seen greeting the priests and officials with folded hands, showing his respect.

Respectful Gesture

Fans are thrilled to see Rajinikanth's spiritual side and his humble gestures.

Fans' Delight

The video captures Rajinikanth's serene and reflective mood as he explores the temple.

Spiritual Moment

His temple visit has won hearts.