Taylor Swift's Eras Tour Boosts Singapore's Economy; Flights & Hotels Fully Booked

Singapore Gears Up For Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift who has boosted economies with her iconic The Eras Tour, is now all set to visit Singapore for her next concert. 

The Eras Tour Will Happen In March

The Eras Tour will take place in Singapore from March 2 to 9 at Singapore's National Stadium. 

Fully Booked Hotels & Flights

Demand for hotels and flights have risen in Singapore. With many flights and hotels being fully booked for Taylor's tour already. 

Credits: Canva

Airlines See Increase In Demand

Singapore Airlines and Malaysia Airlines stated to Hindustan Times that they have seen an increase in demand for flights to Singapore. 

Singapore Police: Buy Tickets Safely

Ahead of The Eras Tour tickets going on sale, Singapore Police put out a statement telling Swifties to buy tickets safely not swiftly. 

Malaysian Swifties Fly For Tour

Many Swifties from Malaysia are flying to the neighbouring nation, Singapore for the tour. 

Tourists Expect Increase In Prices

Exploring Singapore is already expensive. Now, tourists are expecting an increase in prices, hotels, flights and more due to Taylor Swift's concert. 

Swifties, are you heading to Singapore for the concert?