These 10 Vegetables Are Rich In Fibre

Butternut squash can be a part of your diet if you need to contain more fibre in your food.

Beetroot can be added to your diet if you want to lose weight as it has a good amount of fibre and fewer calories.

Spinach is always super healthy and rich in nutrients. It contains some fibre as well.

Carrots are always a super healthy vegetable to include in the diet and it even contains a small amount of fibre.

You can include artichoke in your diet as it is a good source of fibre.

Brussels sprouts look like mini versions of cabbages and are a great addition to your diet for fibre.

Broccoli is a healthy vegetable that you can eat regularly for a good amount of fibre.

Green peas taste delicious, are very nutritious, and are an excellent source of fibre.

Bitter gourd is not always the most delicious vegetable on the diet but it is very healthy and contains good fibre as well.

Sweet corn is not a rich source of fibre but it contains some amount of fibre in it.