These Food Items Are Traditionally Associated With Valentine’s Day 

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and I am sure many of you would be busy planning surprises for your loved ones. 

I am sure you all associate chocolate with Valentine's Day when someone asks about a food item association.

But did you know there are some other food items too that are associated with this celebration traditionally?

1.Strawberries They are known as the symbol of Venus which is the Roman goddess of love. 

2. Basil Basil is known as the traditional symbol of fertility. 

3. Wine The warmth of the wine is compared to Euphoria of love. 

4. Lavender The scent of lavender increases passion and lust. 

5. Honey Traditionally bees are considered to be symbol of love. Hence honey is the love. 

6. Rosemary It is known as symbol of love and are also used in weddings.