These Food Items Can Lighten Up Anupam Kher’s Mood Anytime

Actor Anupam Kher is a foodie at heart and does not believe in diets, intermittent fasting,etc. 

Recently on Curly Tales Sunday Brunch, actor Anupam Kher told us   about food items that actually lighten up his mood. 

1. Burger Anupam Kher loves burger. The chef at his home makes the best burgers. 

2. Papdi Chat Papdi chat or Papri chat is a famous Indian street food and he loves it. 

3. Dosa With Omlette This combination might sound a bit unusual but Anupam claims it to be very tasty. 

4. Rasgulla Rasgulla is Anupam's absolute favourite and he used to have them at ISKON temple.