This Is How Different Parts Of The Country Celebrate Makar Sankranti

1. Western Maharashtra In the western region of Maharashtra and Goa women follow the tradition of inviting each other to apply haldi kumkum on their forehead. 

2. Gujarat People in Gujarat call this festival Uttarayan and celebrate it as kite festival by flying colourful kites in the sky. 

3. Delhi, Madhya Pradesh And Rajasthan This festival is celebrated by offering prayer to sun god and preparing sweets at home in these parts. 

4. Karnataka Here on this day women follow a ritual known as 'Ellu Birodhu' where they serve each other a sweet mixture of jaggery, sesame seeds, coconut and sugarcane. 

5. Maharashtra Major parts of Maharashtra celebrate this festival by giving each other 'til laddoo''.

6. Andhra Pradesh People in Andhra pradesh call this festival 'Pongal' and show gratitude towards sun and farm animals for good harvest. 

7. Kerala People here go to the Sabrimala temple to offer prayers to Lord Aiyappa and witness the Makara Jyoti. 

8. Punjab People here celebrate Lohri which is the beginning of a new year especially for the farmers. 

9. West Bengal People in west Bengal celebrate Poush Sankranti which is the celebration of their Bengali last month.