This Rongali Bihu, Indulge In These 6 Traditional Assamese Dishes

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It is an Assamese festival, also known as Bohag Bihu. It is also considered as Assamese New Year.

What Is Rongali Bihu?

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Here is a list of scrumptious and flavourful food items you can eat this year for Rongali Bihu.

6 Traditional Assamese Dishes For Rongali Bihu

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A traditional Assamese dish similar to a crepe with a filling of sesame seeds and jaggery.

1. Til Pitha

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This is a sticky black rice with a nutty flavour and can’t be skipped during Rongali Bihu.

2. Bora Saul

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It is a savoury rice crepe made with veggies and rice batter and paired with mint and coriander chutney.

3. Kholasapori Pitha

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A typical Assamese dish made for this festival which helps keep the human body cool. It is just curd, flattened rice and  jaggery.

4. Doi Seera

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Easily be called as traditional Assamese idli! It is steamed pitha with grounded rice, coconut and jaggery.

5. Ketli Pitha

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In simplicity, it is Assamese roasted rice flour porridge; the consistency is thick topped with loads of dry fruits.

6. Sandah Guri

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Happy Rongali Bihu To All Those Celebrating!

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