Top 10 Most Polluted Cities In India With AQI

Image Courtesy: Flickr/Mark Danielson

The Central Pollution Control Board released a list of most polluted cities in India on November 7, 2022.

Air Pollution has worsened in India considerably. If you thought Delhi is the most polluted city...

Image Courtesy: Wikimedia

then you are mistaken. There’s one more city that’s worse than Delhi. Bihar’s Katihar is the most polluted Indian city.

Image Courtesy: Wikimedia

Image Courtesy: Wikimedia

These are Top 10 Most Polluted Indian Cities that have very poor air quality.

Rank 1: Katihar. AQI360 Rank 2: Delhi AQI 354 Rank 3: Begusarai. AQI 339 Rank 4: Faridabad. AQI 335 Rank 5: Siwan. AQI 331

Rank 6: Noida. AQI 328 Rank 7: Gwalior. AQI 321 Rank 8: Kathial. AQI 307 Rank 9: Gurugram. AQI 305 Rank 10: Ghaziabad AQI 304