Traditional Cooking Instruments That Are Almost Out Of Use Today

India's culinary history is very rich, and there are many utensils that were used traditionally that aren't in use anymore. Let's look at a few of them.

1. Hammam Dasta You must have seen this lying somewhere eating dust but in the olden days, it was used to crush ingredients.

2. Chawal Padi This brass tumbler was used to measure rice and came in different sizes

3. Sil Batta Another popular stoneware, this was used to make chutneys. Its use has been replaced by the electronic grinder.

4. Peradane This was primarily used for scraping coconuts.

5. Stone Chakki Perhaps the most famous stoneware, it was used to grind wheat to create flour.

6. Kalvam Not exactly a cookware, this stone instrument was mainly used to grind medicine.

7. Chulha This traditional chulha was made using mud and was powered by burnt wood.

8. Agapai These were made out of coconut shells and were used to scoop things.

Credits: Wikimedia Commons