Try These 7 Dishes If You Love Pumpkin

Goan Pumpkin Sabzi This pumpkin sabzi is easy to prepare with all the veggies, coconut & chopped pumpkin. If you love coconut flavoured curries, then definitely give this a try.

Odiya Chana Dal With Pumpkin One of the famous dishes of Odisha is their Chana Dal, where you can add pumpkin & enjoy it heartily.

Pumpkin Payasam It is prepared in the usual way you prepare Kheer with rice. Instead all you have to do is grate pumpkin, add sugar & your choice of milk to it.

Pumpkin Raita To enjoy the raita, all you have to add grated pumpkin to your yoghurt, and add spices like jeera, & chaat masala to it.

Kerala Pumpkin Pachadi To prepare the Kerala Pumpkin pachadi, add grated coconut, your choice of spices, and curd to the finely chopped pumpkin & cook it properly.