Types Of Cuisines Found In Different Regions Of Karnataka

Every region in Karnataka has a different cuisine to serve. 

Here are some different types of cuisines in Karnataka. 

Navayath Cuisine This cuisine serves non-vegetarian dishes predominantly. 

Udupi Cuisine This cuisine has vegetarian dishes made with jaggery, coconut and rice being the constant ingredients. 

Coastal Karnataka Cuisine Here fish (seafood)  and rice are the staples here. 

Mangalorean Cuisine The basic ingredients that go into Mangalorean cuisine are ccocnut and curry leaves. 

 North Karnataka Cuisine Rice is the staple of this region. The cuisine serves spicy curries, wheat and jowar curries and buttermilk. 

Kodagu Cuisine (Coorg) This cuisine has tanginess from vinegar in most of the dishes. 

South Karnataka Cuisine This cuisine serves Benne dosa, Ragi mudde, Akki roti, Ragi roti and Bisi Bele bath.