UK PM Rishi Sunak Is A Better Cook Than Wife Akshata Murty; THIS Is His Signature Dish

Rishi Sunak Opens Up 

UK PM Rishi Sunak in a recent interview with Grazia revealed his household secrets. 

He Is A Better Cook Than Akshata

During the interview, his wife, UK First Lady Akshata Murty said Rishi Sunak is a better cook than her. 

Sunak Makes Great Scrambled Eggs

The hands-on father's specialty is Gordon Ramsay scrambled eggs which he prepares for his family every Saturday. 

Credits: Canva

He Watches Friends Every Night

The UK PM revealed to Grazia that he winds up every day with a mandatory episode of the American sitcom, Friends. 

Rishi's Pet Peeve

Rishi Sunak has one pet peeve,. And that's unmade beds. He admits to getting irritated if the bed is unmade. So, he always makes his bed. 

Rishi Sunak loves helping at home. Apart from making beds, he also places dishes into dishwasher.