Valentine’s Day: Connection Between Chocolate And Love

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and it is almost like a tradition to gift your special someone chocolates on this day.

Chocolates are one of the ways people use to express their love for someone. 

It is known as the ultimate food of love. But have you wondered why? 

The most ethnic group of Mexico, Aztecs, believed that chocolate is a substance that increases lust and passion. 

Scientists found that chocolates release dopamine in the body that put you in the state of falling in love. 

They also found that  a person can start imagining hypothetical  romantic relationship after consuming chocolates. 

Chocolates contribute to affectionate expression and sexual arousal as well. 

Chocolates has emotional effect on people and psychologically is the most easy way to express feelings. 

This is why people use chocolates to express their love.