Veganuary: Try Vegan Menus At These Places In Dubai

1. Bombay Borough Where: DIFC When: 12pm to 12am

2. Carna Where: Business Bay When: 6pm to 2am

3. The Cheeky Camel Where: JLT When: 5pm to 2am

4. Barfly by Buddha-Bar Where: Hilton Dubai Palm Jumeirah When: 5pm to 1am

5. Spill The Bean Where: Sustainable City When:7 am–8 pm 

6. Old Castello Where: Jumeirah When: 1 pm-3 pm

7.   Bar Du Port Where:  Dubai Marina  When: 5pm to 2am

8.Avatara Where: Sheikh Zayed Rd  When: 6 to 11.30pm

9. Folia Where:  Jumeirah Beach When: 1pm to 10pm

10. Hutong Where: DIFC When: 12pm to 2 am