Vikrant Massey Dines At THIS Sea-Facing Restaurant In Goa During His Vacation

Credits: Instagram/tomatoesmorjim

Vikrant In Goa

The talented Vikrant Massey is in Goa right now. 

Visits This Sea-Facing Restaurant

He was in Morjim and visited the beautiful, sea-facing restaurant - Tomatoes Morjim.

Credits: Instagram/tomatoesmorjim

Drool-Worthy Food

The beach-side restaurant is famous  for its Asian, Mediterranean,  and Italian grub. 

Credits: Instagram/tomatoesmorjim

Cocktails On Point

You cannot miss out the innovative cocktails served at Tomatoes Morjim.

Credits: Instagram/tomatoesmorjim

Food With A View!

The best part about this restaurant is that you can enjoy unparalleled views  of the Morjim beach from here. 

Credits: Instagram/tomatoesmorjim

Vikrant Flaunts New Tattoo 

Besides visiting restaurants, Vikrant  also got a new tattoo during his Goa  trip. He got his son’s name tattooed  on his forearm. 

Tattoo Details 

In the tattoo, Vikrant has his son’s name - Vardaan - as well as his birth date beautifully calligraphed on his arm. 

One Month Celebration

Vikrant and his wife, Sheetal  celebrated their son’s first month birthday earlier this month. 

Sea Lovers

If Vikrant and Sheetal’s Instagram is anything to go by, then the couple  loves holidaying around coastal  areas and we can understand why!