Budget 2023: 9 Things That Got More Expensive

1. Compounded Rubber Import duty has been hiked on compounded rubber.

2. Silver Dore Dores are impure blocks that are sent for purifying to the factory.

3. Cigarettes Taxes levied on cigarettes have increased, making it costlier than before.

4. Gold Articles made of gold have become more expensive.

5. Imitation Jewellery  Imitation jewellery will be more expensive now.

6. Kitchen Chimneys Another item that became costlier after the 2023 budget is kitchen chimney.

7. Imported Toys Due hike in taxes, toys that are imported will now be costlier.

8. Imported Bicycles Due to the same reason, imported bicycles will also be expensive.

9. Clothes & Garments Clothes and other garments will also now be more expensive.

Image Courtesy: Unsplash