What Delhi Is Drinking: 19 Alcohol Brands Loved In The Capital City

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Innovation In Every Glass

30BestBarsIndia listed the best brands loved by Delhiites!

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1. Gin: Hendrick's

Known for its unique botanical blend, Hendrick's gin is a beloved choice among Delhi's gin enthusiasts.

2. Premium Indian Whisky: Woodburns

Woodburns is cherished in Delhi for its rich and premium Indian whisky.

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3. Blended Scotch/Blended Malt: Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker stands as a symbol of excellence in blended Scotch whisky for Delhiites.

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4. International Whisky: Jack Daniels

It is a favourite international whisky brand with a strong presence in Delhi.

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5. International Single Malt: Glenfiddich

It is revered for its exceptional single-malt Scotch whisky in the capital.

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6. Vodka: Grey Goose

Grey Goose is highly sought-after in Delhi for its quality and versatility in cocktails.

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7. Rum: Bacardi

Bacardi's smooth and flavorful rum enjoys a significant following in Delhi.

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8. Agave: Patron

Delhi appreciates the distinct and premium agave-based spirits from Patron.

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9. Indian Craft Spirits: Greater Than/Stranger & Sons

These craft spirits have carved a niche in Delhi's craft alcohol scene.

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10. Cognac & Brandy: Hennessy

Hennessy is a preferred choice for those seeking cognac and brandy in Delhi.

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11. Amaro/Aperitif: Campari

Known for its bittersweet flavour, Campari is a favourite amaro in Delhi.

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12. Liqueurs: Jagermeister

It is loved for its herbal liqueur flavour and versatility in cocktails in the capital.

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13. Indian Beer: Bira

Bira beer is celebrated in Delhi for its refreshing taste and local appeal.

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14. International Beer: Corona

It is a popular international beer brand that has found a strong following in Delhi.

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15. Indian Still Wine: Fratelli

Fratelli wines are well-received in Delhi for their quality and diverse range.

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16. International Still Wine: Baron Philippe de Rothschild

Known for its exceptional international wines, it is enjoyed by Delhi's wine connoisseurs.

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17. Sparkling Wine: Moet & Chandon

Moet & Chandon represents elegance and luxury in Delhi's sparkling wine choices.

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18. Mixers: Schweppes/Sepoy & Co.

Trusted for high-quality mixers, Schweppes and Sepoy & Co. enhance Delhi's cocktail experiences.

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19. Water: Perrier

Perrier's premium bottled water is favoured by health-conscious Delhi residents, even in the world of beverages.

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30BestBarsIndia unveiled Delhi’s finest, raising the bar for spirits and celebrations.

"Consumption of alcohol is injurious to health. Be safe-don't drink and drive".