What India Is Drinking: Top 9 Amaro/Apertif Brands India Loves

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Credits: Unsplash

India Loves These Amaro/Aperitif Brands

The survey conducted by 30BestBarsIndia revealed these top Amaro/Aperitif brands that Indians enjoy.

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1. Campari

Known for its vibrant red hue and bitter-sweet taste, Campari is a beloved choice in India for classic cocktails like the Negroni.

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2. Aperol

Aperol's bright orange colour and refreshing citrus notes make it a popular choice for the iconic Aperol Spritz, a favourite aperitif in India.

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3. Martini Vermouth

This Italian vermouth is a key ingredient in the classic Martini cocktail, cherished by Indian cocktail enthusiasts.

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4. Amaro Montenegro

Amaro Montenegro's herbal complexity and mild sweetness appeal to Indian drinkers who enjoy amaro liqueurs.

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5. Jägermeister and Fernet-Branca

These bold and herbal liqueurs have found a niche following in India, particularly among adventurous drinkers.

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6. Cinzano Vermouth

Cinzano Vermouth, with its rich history and versatility, is often used in Indian cocktails and aperitifs.

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7. Absente and Amaro Ramazzotti

These herbal liqueurs offer distinctive flavours and are appreciated by those seeking unique and aromatic drinks in India.

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8. Averna and Select

Averna's dark and robust profile, along with Select's refreshing bitterness, are enjoyed by Indian consumers looking for diverse amaro options.

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9. Cynar, Otto Athens Vermouth, Ricard

These lesser-known brands in India provide a range of flavours, from artichoke-infused bitterness to aromatic Greek vermouth and anise-based liqueurs, appealing to those with diverse palates.

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These amaro and apéritif brands bring a world of flavours to India's ever-evolving cocktail culture, offering a diverse range of tastes for discerning drinkers to savour.

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