What India Is Drinking: 10 Most Used Water Brands At Bars In India

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These top water brands selected by 30BestBarsIndia stand out as the epitome of purity, quality, and taste.

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1. Himalayan

It is sourced from the pristine Himalayan mountains and is known for its mineral-rich composition.

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2. Veen

Bottled from underground springs in Finland, it offers pure and natural hydration.

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3. Perrier

This renowned sparkling mineral water from France is recognised for its effervescence.

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4. Kinley

This popular brand providing clean and safe drinking water is part of the Coca-Cola Company.

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5. Evocus

Known for its alkaline water with added health benefits, it is enriched with 70+ minerals.

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6. Bisleri

It is one of India's leading bottled water brands that offers purified and safe drinking water.

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7. Vedica

It is a premium brand offering natural mountain spring water from the Himalayas.

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8. Kelzai

Sourced from the Western Ghats in India, it is known for its refreshing taste and quality.

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9. Blue Pine

It is a trusted name for quality drinking water, offering pure and refreshing hydration.

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10. SVVA

It provides clean and safe drinking water, ensuring the highest quality standards.

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These water brands offer a refreshing sip of nature's finest.

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