What India Is Drinking: 10 Top Indian Beers Desis Love To Chug

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Exploring India's Beer Landscape

Embark on a flavourful voyage through India's beer landscape, uncovered by 30BestBarsIndia!

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1. Kingfisher

India's iconic lager is known for its crisp and refreshing taste and is a popular choice for many beer enthusiasts.

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2. Bira

It is a craft beer brand that has made waves in India with its range of innovative and flavourful brews.

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3. People's Lager

It is a well-balanced Indian lager that has gained popularity for its approachable taste and wide availability.

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4. British Empire

It is an Indian beer brand offering a unique blend of traditional brewing techniques with modern flavours.

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5. Sterren

It is a premium Indian lager appreciated for its smoothness and high-quality ingredients.

6. Toit

It is a popular Indian microbrewery known for its diverse range of craft beers, catering to a variety of tastes.

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7. Simba

A rising star in the Indian craft beer scene, Simba Brewery offers a range of creative and distinctive brews.

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8. Great State Aleworks

It is an Indian craft brewery celebrated for its commitment to producing high-quality ales with unique flavours.

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9. Caldera

It is a craft beer brand that combines Indian brewing traditions with innovative recipes, resulting in a range of distinct and exciting brews.

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10. Susegado

It is an Indian beer brand that captures the laid-back spirit of Goa, offering a range of beers that are perfect for relaxing on the beach or by the pool.

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These top Indian beers collectively showcase the growing diversity and quality of the Indian craft beer scene.