What Is A Pilsner Beer? Try Out These 5 Pilsner Beer

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What Is A Pilsner Beer?

Pilsner beer, often simply referred to as Pilsner, is a type of lager beer that originated in the city of Pilsen (Plzeň) in what is now the Czech Republic

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How Does It Taste?

Pilsner beer is known for its clear, golden colour, refreshing taste, and crisp, clean finish.

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Popular Pilsners?

Here are a few popular Pilsners from different regions to try:

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1. London Pilsner Beer

A clear pale ale, this beer has a grassy and fruity flavour as well as a pleasant scent.

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2. Yavira

Choose this pilsner if smoothness is high on your brew priority list. 

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3. Goa Kings

Renowned in Goa, this beer has a crisp taste and a must-have when you're in sunshine state. 

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4. Lost Lager, Brewdog

If you like marmalade, spice, and everything pleasant, you'll enjoy this light, crisp beer.

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5. Amstel

The beer is made mostly of light-colored pilsner malt and has a good flavour with a little bitter aftertaste.

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Have you tried any of these pilsner beer before?

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