What Is Red Rice & Some Of Its Health Benefits?

Red Rice is also known as Asian rice or Oryza Sativa.

It was first cultivated in the Yangtze River Basin in China around 13,500 years ago.

Here are some of its health benefits: -

1. Helps in controlling diabetes The low glycemic index of Red rice helps in controlling sugar levels.

2. Packed With Iron This shouldn’t come as a surprise since the rice is red in colour, but it is packed with iron.

3. Prevents Heart Diseases It helps in reducing bad cholesterol and is good for your heart.

4. Helps in digestion A great source of fibre, red rice helps in digestion.

5. Prevents Asthma Red rice is rich in magnesium content which helps in oxygen circulation, thus preventing asthma.

6. Reduces Fatigue Iron improves the absorption of oxygen which makes you feel more energised.

Image Courtesy: Flickr