What Is The Difference Between Hyderabadi Biryani And Lucknowi Biryani?

Every time you talk about Lucknow or Hyderabad, you cannot resist but talk about their delicious biryanis. 

Surely you must have wondered what is the difference between Hyderabadi biryani and Lucknowi biryani. 

Let us help you with that!!

When you taste Hyderabadi Biryani, you are welcomed with a strong blend of spices and flavours. 

While Lucknowi biryani offers a very rich fragrance and a very delicate flavour. 

In Hyderabadi biryani, muttton or chicken is marinated in a mixture o yogurt, spices and herbs. It is then, over low flame, cooked with rice. 

While in Lucknowi biryani, rice and meat are cooked separately. It is then layered and cooked on a low flame. 

You cannot compare the two biryani's taste ever because both come from different places, have different cooking technique and offer distinct flavours. 

So the next time someone asks you to choose one of the two biryanis, you know you have to grab both the plates!