What Is This Mysterious Tropical Fruit Monstera Deliciosa?

You must have seen this plant on Instagram or you might even have it at your home.

But did you know that it bore a delicious fruit called Monstera Deliciosa fruit?

It is also known as the Fruit Salad Plant because its flavour profile ranges from banana and pineapple to even strawberries!

It is a powerhouse of nutrients and provides instant energy boost because it is rich in Vitamin C.

However, eating it is very tricky. You cannot simply peel or bite into it like any other fruit.

You have to wait for it to ripe. The outer honeycomb-like casing starts to peel off at the base when it ripens, revealing the rich creamy fruit inside.

You can bite into the creamy part like a corn on the cob and enjoy its rich flavour.

Remember though, it only ripens in parts. The unripe fruit is toxic to humans, so if you peel and eat it instead of waiting for the skin to naturally fall off, you'll endanger your health.

This fruit is found in Southern Mexico and Central America and has recently taken the Internet by storm because of its unique flavour profile and features.

Image Courtesy: iStock