What is Tibetan Cuisine? Here Is All You Should Know

People in Tibet live at an average altitude of more than 4000 meters and are exposed to harsh climate. 

This has an impact on their eating and drinking habits. This is why the dishes or drinks in Tibetan cuisine have high energy and protein contents.

In Tibetan cuisine, they use yak, noodles, mutton, cheese, goats, dumplings, soups, yoghurt and butter. 

You will see a rich use of mustard seeds in this cuisine, as it is heavily cultivated here.

Because of the harsh climate in Tibet, very few vegetables are grown, so the people's diets are primarily comprised of mutton, yak, and goat.

Traditionally Tibetan cuisine is served in wooden or lacquered clay dinnerware with bamboo chopsticks. 

Tsampa is one of their staple foods. It is roasted barley flour mixed with butter and milk. 

Thukpa is dinner staple in Tibetan cuisine. It consists of noodles, veggies and meat in a soup. 

Butter tea or po cha is the most important part of Tibetan people's life. The drink is not only tasty but also has high nutritional values.