When In New Zealand, Visit These 6 Beautiful Islands

  All Image Courtesy: Unsplash

Islands In New Zealand

New Zealand boasts a plethora of stunning islands, each with its own unique charm

Which To Explore?

Here are a few worth considering:

1. Waiheke Island

It is known for its vineyards, beautiful beaches, and artistic community.

2. Stewart Island

New Zealand's third-largest island, famous for its unspoiled wilderness, hiking trails, and abundant birdlife, including the elusive kiwi bird.

3. Bay of Islands

A group of 144 islands offering opportunities for sailing, dolphin watching, and exploring historic sites.

4. Chatham Islands

Located about 800 kilometers east of the South Island, known for their unique flora, fauna, and rich Moriori culture.

5. Kapiti Island

A nature reserve off the coast of Wellington, renowned for its birdlife, including the endangered kākāpō and little spotted kiwi.

6. Mokoia Island

Situated in Lake Rotorua, Mokoia Island is steeped in Māori legend and offers guided tours and birdwatching opportunities.

Have you explored any of these islands?