Why Do Gujaratis Relish Undhiyu In Winters?

Ask any Gujarati, and you will know that Undhiyu surely falls on their list of favourite food dishes.

Undhiyu is a Gujarati winter delicacy which is a vegetable dish prepared in a huge pot with all the seasonal vegetables. 

Preparing Undhiyu is Gujrat's own little way of celebrating the winter produce. 

Most of the vegetables used to make Undhiyu are heat producing ones and are difficult to digest in any other season than winter. 

Vegetables and tubers like green beans, broad beans, purple yams, baby brinjals, pigeon peas, green peas, raw banana and potatoes are used to prepare this dish. 

All these veggies are stuffed generously with coconut, spices and coriander leaves. 

The veggies, based on their cooking time are lined up in the vessel and are topped with methi muthiyas and cooked over medium flame. 

Undhiyu tastes the best with hot deep fried puris. To complete the meal, it is served with jalebi and shrikhand. 

Fun Fact: Gujaratis prepare Undhiyu traditionally on Makar Sankrant, hence 14th January is celebrated as National Undhiyu Day.